Environmental Club Impacts Environment

Britney Lynch

Staff Writer

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The Environmental club takes part in the annual Walnut Beach cleanup, on May 6, 2017. Photo courtesy to Environmental Club

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Senior, Leah Teller, helps out in the Environmental Club’s garden by pulling up weeds after her volleyball practice on October 13, 2017. Photo courtesy to Britney Lynch.

Last year at Foran High School a new club, the Environmental Club, was created to give students the opportunity to make a change in their environment. Senior, MJ Shannon, is the founder and president of the club. He pursued his idea of having this club because he was bothered by the fact Foran does not recycle, and wanted to start. However, his small idea quickly evolved into identifying many environmental issues and having the a group of students trying to solve them. “Many of our ideas are attempting to decrease the amount of waste on our planet. Recycling and TerraCycling are ideas we have of pursuing that will reduce the amount of trash in landfills that sit for hundreds of years”, stated Shannon. In past years, the Environmental Club has built a garden on campus, volunteered in the walnut beach cleanup, and placed recycling bins in the cafeteria. Junior, Lia Burrows, came up with the idea of TerraCycling for the club. She stated stated, “I got the idea of introducing this to Foran because over the summer we did it at my summer camp. I thought we should do it at the school because of the amount of waste it reduces and how much of a positive impact it would have in our community.” The Environmental Club, every day, is working to improve the community and make a change in anyway they can. They believe that even though they are such a small club, they can make such a big impact on our environment.