Benefiting from Winter Sports


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For winter sports, Girls’ Gymnastics starts Dec. 5,6,7  – look out for signs and announcements for all sports in the winter.

Staff Writer

Ava Haig

                 It’s that time of year again, winter sport season! Here at Foran high school, we have a lot to offer. Winter sports here include Wrestling, Gymnastics, Boys Swimming, Indoor Track, Hockey, and Basketball. What better way to start the holiday season than cheering on your teammates and forming an unbreakable bond?

              Whether you are actively involved in a winter sport, managing one, or cheering from the sidelines, Winter sports are a great way to spend time with others. Sports create a competitive atmosphere, as well as a community feeling.

             Junior, Mark Fitzgerald is on the wrestling team. Fitzgerald is excited that the season is beginning as, “Wrestling can be very tough for a few weeks but then it becomes easier and much more fun. Also, wrestling gives you lot more time to hang out with friends on the team”. When asked how Fitzgerald manages a sport and his schoolwork, he replies, “Wrestling is very different from other sports because a couple people wrestle at a time. So while waiting for matches or during bus rides you have plenty of time to do your work”.

             Winter sports are a great way to exercise indoors, as physical activity becomes challenging when outdoors, due to snow or ice. Even those not involved in winter sports are able to participate by cheering on students and spreading Foran pride! Overall, Winter sports should be taken advantage of, as the benefits of becoming involved are outstanding.