Serving Up a Winning Season

Dylan DeStefano

Staff Writer

Out of all the teams at Foran High School, the most electrifying team may be the Foran Girls Volleyball team. The volleyball team has been succeeding in the 2014 season due to the extreme amount of talent. Last year the team had a record of 12 wins and 6 losses.

In the state tournament they defeated Ellington, Granby and Rocky Hill to advance to the State Championship game. They were then defeated by the overall number one seed, Woodland High School, in four sets.

Coming into this season people had doubts about how the team would fare without star player Fallon Bevino and several other players. But the team started out the season with three strong wins and it didn’t stop there.

The team became more talented after every game. Senior and captain Janae Owen said, “Many people had their doubts about our season this year, but our hard work, determination and positivity has helped lead us through every game and achieve our goal of winning.”

The team has worked hard together to become a powerhouse in the SCC (Southern Connecticut Conference) and Class M division. The key to the team’s success has been and always will be teamwork. Senior and captain Jenna Zacarelli stated, “We are a great team and when we work together we can defeat anyone. We can’t take some wins for granted; we have to try our hardest every time for a good victory to improve. The fans are the real factor in victories, the more fans the better.”

This team has high expectations going into the state tournament coming off a recent win from cross town rival Jonathan Law High School with a record of 14 wins and 4 losses.

In an interview with coach Julie Johnson said, “The girls work really hard; being tall helps too. I am not surprised where we are. We have created an atmosphere here where we are used to winning. We expect to win. There have been a lot of close games we have won. That is great too because we learn how to win a fifth game.”

The Foran Girls Volleyball team is looking for a chance to go back to the state championship –  and a chance to redeem themselves.

Foran is ranked sixth in class M division and fourth in the SCC. If their record says anything, it is that there will be a glimmer of hope for this upcoming post-season.