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Robby Tierstein

Staff Writer

On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:00 to 3:00, a video game club called Smash Brothers Club is open to all students at Foran. The club is currently located at room 301 in Green Hall and is monitored by Mr. Pawelzik with frequent guest stars such as Mr. Peters and Mr. Spinetti. The main games that are played at the club are the Super Smash Bros series, although other Nintendo games such as F-Zero, Donkey Kong Racing, Rocket League and various Nintendo 64 mods have also been at the club. Not only is this club meant to be fun, it can, according to, “teach or improve a student’s’ hand eye coordination, reflexes, strategies, and on-the-fly thinking under a safe and friendly environment.” There are also potential social benefits of this club because people get to make positive social interactions when playing the games that they all like to play. Additionally, if you like enjoying memes and having silly fun, then this club is right for you.

The club was started by former Foran student Alfred Mingroen. When asked why the club was founded, senior and club member Jon Carroll said, “He started it because he wanted a way to show what he wanted to do, and used the club to to that.” Carroll when explaining when the club started said, “It was started three years ago.”

The current moderator of the club Mr. Pawelzik said, “I decided to monitor this club because in high school and college I played this game and now it is something I want to do with you guys.” Mr. Pawelzik frequently joins in the action, even playing video games with students in the club. He happens to really enjoy himself when people, including himself, are having fun playing the video games.

If you are interested in joining this club, you can just come whenever you want after school. If you didn’t sign out the club form in the beginning of the year, that is totally fine. Just let Mr. Pawelzik or any other club member know that you will join. Joining has many benefits to your high school experience. You will have an opportunity to improve your social skills, gaming skills, and even life skills. Considering that there are a lack of freshman this year that are in the club, it is actually a valid idea to consider joining this club if you are a freshman who likes playing the Super Smash Bros games.

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Mario and Sonic are a couple of many characters that are in the Super Smash Bros Series