Thanksgiving Favorites


Natasha Mora

Staff Writer 

         Right after Halloween and before Christmas, Thanksgiving is the holiday in between. It is the holiday where families come together to give thanks, be grateful for all what they have and eat as much food as their stomachs can handle. Thanksgiving comes with the excitement of having the best dinner of the year, going into a food coma, and going Black Friday shopping the day after. Then there’s always Cyber Monday after the weekend is done and everyone has woken up from their food coma.

            There are many things people can love about Thanksgiving, such as favorite foods, cooking with the family, and reuniting with family members whom you have not seen in awhile. Thanksgiving favorites from Arianna Chen are, “spending time with my family and eating good food.” Mireille Jaser said that her favorite part of Thanksgiving is “the apple pie, online shopping on Cyber Monday, and spending time with my family.” Thanksgiving is a holiday that does not get as much attention as all the others, but it is still a holiday that is worth celebrating. Family time and eating a warm home-cooked meal is a necessity, even for more than once a year.


Photo Caption :

Thanksgiving dinner table before the eating begins.