Combating The Flu


Jake Burwell

Staff Writer

This Flu season has been one for the record books, with the death toll well over 300, the closest death striking a ten year old hockey player in New Canaan, Connecticut. Many vaccines proving to have little or no effect against the powerful strains of the virus this season. According to the CDC, 49 states have been reported to be involved in the outbreak. In their most recent report they state Guam as well as Puerto Rico are also included atop the other 49 states.  Doctors and researchers have been hard at work trying to figure out why the new strains have been so deadly. According to Dr. Amesh Adalja, in an interview with NBC News, she states that one of the many theories of why the new strains are so deadly is, “that the immune system can become overwhelmed by the never-before-seen invader and sends so many troops to fight it that perfectly healthy tissue in the lungs and other organs gets killed, too.” So, even a bodybuilder or young athlete just like the New Canaan boy, with a healthy immune system can be in danger, because in theory the immune system is attacking healthy body tissue. The best way to steer clear of the Flu this season is to act before it’s too late, this meaning be proactive in staying healthy. The boys hockey team received new water bottles for each player to use on their own instead of sharing water bottles on the bench. This application is to help combat the spread of illness throughout the team and locker room. “On top of weekly sanitation and cleaning of our locker room by the Milford Ice Pavilion staff we also are making sure to sanitize things ourselves using Clorox wipes and antibacterial sprays,” says senior Jason Lavallee. Some of the best ways to avoid the flu from spreading are to wash your hands frequently as well as keeping your immune system healthy, according to school nurse Linda Bespuda. Buspuda also says “when you’re feeling sick the best thing to do is stay home from school to avoid spreading illness to others.” With a few weeks left in the flu season it’s important to keep yourself healthy for the last stretch.