Foran Fundraises for a Cause


Bryan Habansky

Staff writer

The Foran High wrestling team, in order to raise money for M.S. which is a terrible disease that affects many people. There have been up to two hundred thousand cases reported.  M.S. is a disease that eats away at the protecting cover of you nerves. The team decided to sell shirts and donate cost of admission to the cause. This is not the first time the Foran wrestling team has done something like this. Last year, they had a fundraiser in order to raise money to help soldiers.  Senior team captain Ryan Luth says “ This fundraiser was important because it brings light to a disease (MS) that isn’t often talked about. Symptoms vary from person to person, and many might not know they have it until diagnosis. The disease can make day to day actions very difficult and makes certain tasks very difficult. Raising money will hopefully help those suffering from MS by funding research for more effective treatments and hopefully one day a cure.” After all the fundraising they have done the team raised two thousand five hundred dollars of M.S. research.  The Foran wrestling team year in and year out has been making the Milford community happy not just by winning but by making a difference in the world one season at a time.