Boys Basketball Qualifies for States


Britney Lynch

Staff Writer

Foran’s 2017-18 boys basketball was doing better than last year’s team very early in the season. With a record of 8-6, so far, the team was able to qualify for states with plenty of games still left in the regular season. Last year’s team at this point in the season was 3-9, and was unable to make it to states by the end of their season. On Thursday January 25, 2017, Foran’s basketball team played Sheehan High school  who has a record of 4-7. The team, coached by Ian Kirkpatrick, was able to start off and finish strong with the final score of 66-50.  Knowing that the team only needed one more win to qualify, the boys stayed very determined and played their bests. Senior Captain, Matt Cruz, states, “It’s something I’ve always dreamed of, it’s an amazing accomplishment that we only could have imagined before the season started. We worked hard to get where we are now. It’s a blessing.” After accomplishing something they never thought they would, the boys have a positive outlook on the rest of the season. With only a few more games left before states senior, Mark Wootton, claims, “in the beginning of the season we always joked how we would be the first team in many years to make states, and as the season went on we realized our jokes were actually becoming a reality.”

Picture Caption : Senior Mark Wootton shoots during their recent game against Shelton High School on January 19, 2018 where the team won 51-48. Photo courtesy to DGW Photography.