Nintendo Thinks Using the Box with Nintendo Labo


Nick Barrieau

Staff Writer

If you are someone who stays in touch with trends on the internet, you would know that Nintendo recently dropped a bomb when they announced the Nintendo Labo. The Nintendo Labo is a brand new type of way to play games, by building different  types of accessories and controllers using cardboard. Immediately, the fanbase was split into two groups. One half thought that it was an amazing idea, that uses a unique new approach to gaming.The other group complained that they were paying $70-$120 just to get Nintendo branded cardboard.

The Nintendo Labo will release on April 20, 2018 in two packs: the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit. The Variety Kit will include 5 different Labo activities and will cost $69.99. The Robot Kit will cost $79.99 and include a larger-scale buildable robot suit, complete with backpack, headgear, and hand and leg attachments. The Variety Kit includes enough cardboard to create 2 RC Cars, 1 Fishing Rod, 1 House, 1 Motorbike, and 1 Piano. The Labo utilizes the technology of the Nintendo Switch to make fun games and unique activities from the different kits. For example, the piano uses reflective tape so the IR Camera in one of the controllers will know which key is being pressed and when, and in turn send the data to the console which will emit the sound and visualise it in different ways.

Before the announcement, Nintendo outright stated that Nintendo Labo is for, “children and those who are children at heart.” Based on the success of Lego and similar companies, Nintendo Labo seems like it will be an extremely popular toy. After the announcement of Nintendo Labo, Nintendo’s stock  jumped to the highest it has been since 2008 when the Wii released. One concern many people have is how durable the cardboard will be, since they will be using their creations for many different purposes in the included games, however Nintendo has said they will offer replacement cardboard and designs after the launch of the Labo. Based on the success of their current and previous consoles, along with the innovative and new concepts that are being introduced, the Nintendo Labo is sure to stand out from the cardboard crowd when it launches on April 20, 2018.

Picture Caption : The Nintendo Labo can be used to create a variety of interactive cardboard creations that work using the technology of the Nintendo Switch.