Exciting New Courses Coming to Next Year’s Program of Studies

Exciting New Courses Coming to Next Years Program of Studies

Lucas Burgard

Staff Writer

With course scheduling right around the corner, many students are starting to think about what classes they want to take next year. The 2018-19 Program of Studies, which was released on January 17, appears relatively similar to last year’s, however it does include a few changes.

One of the most prominent changes of the course catalogue is the introduction of “The Living Earth.” The new science course, according to the catalogue, will be laboratory-based, integrating biology and Earth sciences to “meet the expectations of the Next Generation Science Standards.” The full-year course will be open to 9th grade students only and include level 1,2, and 3 options.

Another exciting addition to next year’s course catalogue is the “Mathematics of Sports and Game Theory.” The new mathematics course will be only one semester long and open to all 12th grade students. According to the catalogue, “Students will apply laws of probability, statistics and game theory through the models of well-known games and sports.” Students as well as faculty members seem to be interested in the new course. “Any opportunity for students to learn how mathematics is applied to real life situations is valuable,” says math teacher Mr. Peters, “it presents opportunities to look at math applications that aren’t covered in more traditional math classes.”

Starting next year, students can also take the new business course entitled “Principles of Financial Accounting, Business Management.” The course will focus on “the study of the basic principles and procedures of the accounting process as they relate to the recording, measurement and communication of the business entity’s financial data.” This full-year course will offer one credit and will be open to students in grades 10, 11 and 12.

Next year students can also participate in the new “Civic and Global Engagement Pathway.” If students complete seven credits in globally focused courses, including social studies and world language courses, and they participate in an internationally themed club, they will have the opportunity to complete a Global Learning Project and receive a Global Engagement Certificate from the State of Connecticut. Taking any of the Journalism courses can fulfil this pathway as well, and Journalism 1 has now been moved to the elective scale. For more information on the new pathway, The Program of Studies details more specific information on its requirements and benefits.

With a variety of exciting courses and opportunities coming to next year’s course catalogue, it is important to stay smart when choosing classes. According to guidance counselor, Mrs. Jacobsen, students should “choose wisely, do research, and read the Program of Studies.” She also emphasizes that students should “challenge themselves and try something new.”Assemblies on course scheduling will be on February 5th and 7th, and the actual scheduling will take place on February 13th and 14th. For any students that wish to explore course offerings for next year, the 2018-19 Program of Studies can be accessed on the Milford Public Schools website.

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Next year’s Program of Studies can be accessed on the Milford Public Schools Website.