Participating in Business Pathways


Ava Haig

Staff Writer

Are you interested in pursuing a career in business? If so, it is valuable to know that Foran offers an entrepreneurship and business management pathway, in which students may be deemed Business Scholars by senior year. This pathway begins with the class of 2021, and requires students to take a variety of business classes throughout their four years.

Required classes include Introduction to Business, Accounting 1, Marketing 1, and Business Management. For final completion, students must either complete E-Commerce and Entrepreneurship Ⅱ, or a business capstone. Business teacher, Mrs. Brown, says, “I think that the pathway allows students to have a well rounded experience, that fully prepares them to continue to follow that career path in college”.  

It is suggested that students whom are even slightly interested in a business career take advantage of this opportunity. The business pathway provides students with exceptional experience in the business field, and looks great on college resumes. “I have a few friends who might want to go into a career in business. I think that the fact that our school has something like this is an really good opportunity”, says freshman, Han Nguyen.

Overall, the business pathway has many advantages, which cannot be overlooked. The classes within the pathway teach valuable business skills, such as how to deal with money, how to advertise, and how to start a business. This pathway is a privilege, and great experience that should be taken advantage of.       

Picture Caption:

On Friday, January 26, 2017, students in retail marketing run the school store (shown in the image above). This class allows students to learn persuasive selling, and the responsibilities of running a store. Though this business class is not a pathway requirement, but it is fun and educational. Photo courtesy of Ava Haig.