Ready Player One


Gianna Cruciani

Staff Writer

It’s the year 2045 and the world is desolate. There’s unemployment, overcrowding, housing shortages, no real food, and poverty. The only escape is entering the OASIS, a virtual reality world, which is paradise compared to the real world. When creator of the OASIS dies, it is revealed that whoever finds the easter egg  he has hidden in the OASIS will get his fortune. However finding that egg isn’t so simple; One must find three keys to unlock three gates and reveal the egg. The book, Ready Player One, mainly follows eighteen year old Wade Watts and his virtual reality partner, “Art3mis”, who are on the hunt for the keys.

On March 29, 2018, Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the book by Ernest Cline, will hit theaters. The movie stars many new faces including Tye Sheridan, Simon Peg, and Olivia Cooke. The casting directors extended their actor search with online submissions.  Devon Verma, a senior and “Foran famous” actor who read the book and took part in the casting  “ The general aesthetic of the book was very 80’s. A lot of people when they try to make works on games and stuff like that, they go over the top with stereotypes but this was made with actual truth.” Verma also said that he would love a sequel and is interested to see where the story goes and how it is expanded.

Richard Prosser, a sophomore, read the book for English 2. Prosser would recommend this to others because, “the plot was really interesting”. Prosser conveyed that because it was so different from the usual books students read in class he really enjoyed it.

According to various interviews online with the author, Ernest Cline is writing a sequel to Ready Player One. In an interview with an online gaming blog, Cline revealed that he created an outline for a sequel in 2015 but it never went anywhere. However, since the creation of the movie he was inspired to create a sequel and just signed a major deal with a publishing company.  

Ms. Pellegrino, the go-to book guru, really liked this book. According to Pellegrino, “Our Foran students chose it as their choice for the Connecticut Nutmeg Book Award and it ended up being the statewide 2016 Nutmeg High School winner!”  Sci-Fi fans, make sure to see Ms. Pellegrino in media to read the book and keep an eye out for the movie and the sequel.


Picture Caption : Photo courtesy of “Entertainment Weekly” shows a sneak peak of actor Tye Sheridan as Wayde Watts in the upcoming movie.