Foran Celebrates Lion Pride Week

Khadija Ashfaq

Nicholas Barrieau

Staff Writers

Next week Foran High School will celebrate Lion Pride Week, allowing students to show off their pride in many ways throughout the week.  Each day will stand for one of the PRIDE letters, which are our social and civic expectations.

On Monday, which will represent P for pride, students will wear their Foran gear to show their school pride while each grade will attend an assembly. The assembly will give them information about Vaping from Smoke Stoppers from St. Vincent’s Hospital, hoping that students will have pride in themselves and make healthy choices about what they put in their bodies.

On Tuesday, which will represent R for responsibility, during all lunch waves students will be given the chance to illustrate the consequences of their actions by considering the “ripple effect of kindness” in their school and community.  

Wednesday will represent I for Independence where students will be encouraged to practice independence and good decision making. Students (weather permitting) will be given the opportunity to eat outside in the courtyard during all lunch waves.  We are also encouraging students to be sure that No One Eats Alone and consider being inclusive of all students and begin some new friendships.

Thursday will represent D for Dedication to Community and our school will listen to Anthony Valentine, founder of Kulture Magazine, address the Foran community. Mr. Valentine is able to present based off a grant written by Mrs. Farrell and Ms. Pangu through the Milford Education Foundation. During the assembly on Thursday, the founder of Kulture Magazine, Anthony Valentine, will amplify the core values of Foran by discussing pride in oneself, resilience, and making positive choices. As part of the assembly he will be giving away two pairs of tickets to a Logic concert. According to Kulture Magazine’s website, it is, “An Urban x Elegant lifestyle brand, magnifying the voice and talents of the most valuable people….also known as You.” Each issue of his magazine focuses on different themes and features content from local photographers, artists, musicians, and more. Ms. Pangu also mentioned that “this speaker will help unify and create more diversity awareness through the PRIDE message.”

Friday will represent E for Engagement, where we will ask all students to be engaged in our school Pep Rally and to participate in some pride with Color Wars.  Each class should wear their assigned color and cheer on their classmates and all of our spring athletes.

Teachers and staff nominated and voted on students who exemplify PRIDE and winners will be announced at the Pep Rally and will receive a Foran t-shirt as a prize.  Additionally, students can enter the Kulture Magazine Instagram Contest to win tickets to a Logic Concert. When asked what students should be excited for, Mrs. O’Keefe stated, “I think students will always enjoy the pep rally, but they will also get good information on vaping and should really enjoy the assembly on Thursday.” Mrs. O’Keefe is part of the freshman team that helping to organize next week’s event, while FIT is organizing the pep rally.

Students should be excited for next week, as it seems to be the most eventful and packed spirit week of all time. Not only does each day have different themes, students will have a variety of assemblies and activities to keep them occupied throughout the week. Spirit week is no longer about wearing different colors, it has evolved into a celebration of Foran’s values.