Farewell Mr. Kaplavka


Jake Burwell
Staff Writer

On June 13, 223 senior students will be leaving Joseph A. Foran to start the next chapter of their lives. These students will be embarking on a new journey of life as so will long time mathematics teacher Mr. John Kaplavka. Mr. Kaplavka has been teaching in Milford for 43 years, he spent time at Milford High School but a majority of his career inside his classroom at Foran.

Kaplavka says his retirement is bittersweet because he loves teaching but is excited to enjoy time off with his family and friends with no stress from school. “I’m going to take my retirement day by day and enjoy things as they come,” says Kaplavka.

Mr. Kaplavka really enjoyed his time at Foran where he met many great students and experienced so many things. When he was asked what his most memorable moment was he responded with a not so happy story, however he told the story with a smile on his face the entire time, which shows the type of man he is.

“About twenty years ago there was a charity event where the students played the teachers in a basketball game, but the interesting part was we all were on donkeys. I ended up getting kicked off the animal and tore three ligaments in my knee, I still have the scar to prove it.”

Kaplavka’s advice for Foran’s class of 2018 is the same advice E.T gave to Elliot’s sister, “ be good.”


Picture Caption : Mr. Kaplavka practicing some math problems that he will soon assist his students in completing.