Recent Car Thefts in Milford, CT


Becca Palermo

Staff Writer

Car thefts in milford
A locked car, pictured above, in a Target parking lot in Milford, CT. – Photo courtesy of Cameron Ganter

Car thefts are on the rise in Milford, where police recently spotted two men searching through several cars in an attempt to find valuable items. The men were chased down and caught by police around 3 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 3, after reportedly breaking into five cars.

According to local news source, The Milford Patch, the men both ran from police but were caught soon after. The men allegedly broke into five cars on Labor Day and police said that if anyone else had a car broken into, they should contact the police department. The men are now being charged with five counts of third-degree burglary and five counts of sixth-degree larceny.  

These car thefts are not a new issue. This has happened many times before in Milford. A local Milford resident, Jeff Palermo, had a valuable stolen from his car once. He said, “Now I have a car alarm that was especially installed and I always make sure my car doors are locked and never leave my keys inside of my car to prevent that from happening again.”

Kenzie Buffham, junior, who obtained her driver’s license two months ago, said, “It makes me feel unsafe and I will lock my car and not leave my keys inside of it.”  

A local Milford Police Officer, Officer Taylor, said most of the car thefts, but not all, that the Milford Police have seen are due to people not locking their cars or leaving their keys inside of their car. He also gave some pointers on how to prevent vehicles from getting robbed, even though these do not ensure those vehicles will not get broken into. He said to always lock the car and make sure to never leave the keys inside of the vehicle.