All Clear to Cheer


Abbie Mitchell

Staff Writer

SportsAbbie MitchellAll Clear to Cheer (1)
Sophomores and Juniors from top left to right Abby Woodward, Abbie Mitchell, Brianna Aguilar, Kensye Cocchia, Amanda Quieroz, Carly Whelan, and Kayla Jurzyk prepare for the intense game against Amity September 14.  The closing score at 21-8, Foran with the win.

Cheering on the sidelines for the Foran football team is the Varsity Cheerleaders. Nineteen girls return for their three season sport including football games, basketball games, and competitions. The girls attend both home and away games, standing on their crates in full support of their football players.

Junior Captain, Hannah Pokornowski said, “For this season I’m most excited for the girls to develop more as a team and also to be able to lead the team into a direction of success.” Hannah expresses that she has been cheering for 11 years and it has always been a huge part of her life.

Senior Captain, Natalie Massa who has been cheering for 10 years, said, “Some new things we will be enforcing are making sure the girls are constantly practicing the cheers for football games to establish a positive attitude and avoid any drama throughout the season.”

Other Junior Captain, Kayla Jurzyk explains she has been cheering for 8 years with the Milford Eagles alongside Natalie Massa before entering high school and joining Foran Cheer. Kayla exclaims, “I hope to create a comfortable and fun environment for everyone during all activities including practices and games. Also, I’d like us to be able to have a strong routine for this year’s competition season.”

The last Senior Captain is Lexi Roma. She exclaimed, “Cheerleading has helped me tremendously with my confidence in talking to others and making new friends.” Cheerleading Coach Ms. Kipp says, “Cheerleaders represent their school. They are role models for others by demonstrating a commitment toward improving the school community. A cheerleader is an athlete who is dedicated to her/ his team; setting personal and team goals and continuously striving to reach them.”

SportsAbbie MitchellAll Clear to Cheer
Juniors Cheerleaders from left to right Carly Whelan, Abbie Mitchell, and Kayla Jurzyk at the first football game of the season against Wilbur Cross on September 7th. The final score at 14-13,  Foran lost by one.