Foran Fundraises


Maggie Cummings

Staff Writer

October is an important time for fundraising. The 10th month of the year is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a result, the Foran community has recently been creating and participating in various activities in order to raise money for a wide array of causes, including raising money for breast cancer. Athletic teams have been active in their engagement with fundraisers. Girls’ Swim and Dive raised money for breast cancer at Foran on October 13. Prior to the event, donations were collected. The funds were collected in either the form of straight donations or x amount of money donated for each lap swam. The team swam fun relays and ate food. Other teams attended the event as well, including Lauralton Hall and Law. Senior Allie Moore described the night as, “a fun Milford swimming bonding experience.” Coach Kristin Skuches said, “We raised over $3,300. The money raised goes directly towards research grants that will be given to doctors at Yale, who are researching new ways to treat and cure breast cancer.” Foran Girls’ Swim raised the third highest amount out of all the SCC teams. The cheerleading and football teams raised money for breast cancer as well. They sold shirts along with paper hearts and ribbons that could be signed, and then displayed the decorations at the home football game on October 19. Besides from athletic fundraisers, the entire school community participated in a Hat Day to raise money for a Foran graduate who is currently battling brain cancer. Of the event, Ms. Pangu said, “Students, even those who did not even remember to bring their hats, were extremely generous and often gave more than the minimum one dollar asked. We are very proud of the generosity of our students and this goes along with the idea of intentional kindness that we have tried to promote as the Freshmen Team here at Foran.” Foran raised over $1,000 for our former student, ending the month of fundraising on a positive note.

Foran Girls Swim poses at their Breast Cancer, photo courtesy of  courtesy of Coach Skuches