Tackling into the NFL Season

Nik Cruciani

Staff writer

One of the biggest deals was the Raider’s deal Cordarrelle Patterson to the Patriots. The Patriots are a dominant team and for them to pick up Patterson is a big deal. The giants picked up a few men too, Sterling Shepard and Saquon Barkley, those players are being talked about the most. There are very good players on every team, but there is no team that has all of the good players, making it fair. Coach Angelo Simonelli of the Foran football team says, “I think the NFL is crazy this year, there are a bunch of new rookies that are really good, Baker Mayfield is going to carry the Browns on his back and they should be a lot better than last year now that they have a better quarterback. Also the teams are more even because of the new players and we will see a crazy Superbowl this year.” Not only have the teams gathered a bunch of new stud athletes, but the athletes are spread out to differents teams so the games will be closer and one team won’t be dominating every other team. Mike Simonelli says, “The NFL this year is a lot more interesting than the other seasons I feel like this season is a lot more interesting to watch and I’m going to be watching a lot more football this year.” Joe Capello, a Foran student says, “I watch football a lot and I love watching it every Sunday, but this year it seems that it’s more exciting and I have been wanting to watch it more.” The 2018 NFL season is different than other years many people are a lot more excited and ready to watch.