Foran Prepares for Winter Break: Activity Ideas and Shared Plans for Faculty and Students

Foran Prepares for Winter Break:  Activity Ideas and Shared Plans for Faculty and Students

Zoe Pringle

Staff Writer

As winter break closes in, many Foran students and teachers have exciting winter activities planned, while others may still need some ideas. Thankfully, there are many things to do in New England that can satisfy those in need of some new winter break plans! From winter sports to traveling, there are endless opportunities, and many members of the community were excited to share what they participate in.

Junior athlete, Bridget Collins, enjoys being on the Foran girls basketball team. Basketball, a winter sport, takes up much of her time, but when she’s not on the court, she enjoys skiing. When asked about her winter break plans, she responded with, “I would like to go skiing, but I am not sure I will be able to, it depends on if I have basketball games.” With basketball clearly being her number one focus, skiing may take a backseat for Bridget this year. Nonetheless, she elaborated by sharing, “ I ski with both my family and friends. I usually go to Mount Snow in Vermont, however, I’ve taken day trips to mountains in Connecticut and Massachusetts.”

Bridget isn’t the only one who enjoys skiing as a winter hobby. Mr. Todd Williams loves to ski. He explains, “There is nothing like barreling down a mountain while the snow is falling.  It has incredible views, is a great physical workout, and an outstanding way to spend time with family and friends both on the slopes and after. Having grown up in the Midwest, skiing was practically nonexistent.  Living in New England you have access to the Adirondack, Berkshire, White and Green Mountains.”

Mr. Williams surely isn’t afraid to travel a few hours in the snow and cold to enjoy some quality family time. Before heading out though, he warns, “  Lift ticket prices at ski resorts can be expensive. Looking for deals on lift tickets and lodging is a great way to stretch opportunities to hit the slopes.”

Speaking of traveling, CNA teacher Mrs. Maryellen Magee-Brown shares what she is excited for this upcoming winter break, “My family and I spend every winter break in Wilmington Vermont.’ She details that her favorite activity to do there is snowshoeing because the woods are “incredibly peaceful.” Not only this, but she mentions that you can never go wrong with some traditional local activities as well! “ Working together to build a snow fort is always a favorite activity. It engenders team building and yields a fun place to hang out. Bonfires in the snow are also awesome!”

Ski club picture Jessica Wolfe
Ski club enjoys the winter slopes like much of our school community does during winter break! Photo courtesy: Ski Club

These are things one can do right in the comfort of their yard, but Mrs. Magee-Brown advises participants to be weary of the dangers of snow, “Recognizing the dangers of overexposure and hypothermia /frostbite is very important. Having a buddy when you embark on any outdoor activity is important as well. Remember to stay hydrated!”

On a unique note, for his winter break activities, Mr Gregory Sember, chemistry teacher and avid drummer, enthusiastically tells why he loves winter break. He says, “I am the Executive Director of the CT Hurricanes, an all-age Drum Corps based out of Seymour, CT. Throughout the winter, we have rehearsals on Sundays to prepare for our competitive season in the summer. Think marching band, but then amp up the intensity.”

To continue, Senior Jaelyn Roth also has interesting plans for her winter, although it occurs a little before winter break. A dedicated dancer, Jaelyn is preparing for the annual Nutcracker Ballet show that takes place at the Klein Memorial Auditorium in Bridgeport, CT. She explains, “This is my fifth and last nutcracker but I’ve been dancing for ten years, I do ballet and lyrical dance.” For anyone who’d like wants to see the performance, she adds in that dates are December 15 at 12 and 5 pm, as well as December 16 at 1pm.