Girls PowderPuff Trophy Is Back Where It Belongs


The 2018 PowderPuff team after their exciting win against Law. Photo courtesy of Maria Crocco.

Jess Sanders
Staff Writer

Foran and Law played their annual Powderpuff game on November 20, at the Jonathan Law football field. As the short season quickly came to an end, the girls from both teams now look back on the game. They are thinking about their strengths and where they need to improve for next season. Both teams played their hearts out and gave it their all. The entire game, it went back and forth for who was winning, and eventually the game had to go into overtime. Neither team let up and neither team was going to just hand the trophy over. All the players and coaches came to win and did everything they had to, just to make sure that it had happened. Although Foran did come out on top, the Law’s team played outstanding and did not let up even when it was down to the last few seconds.

Coach Jeff Phelan, has been the head coach of the team for a few years now. He mentioned, “I was extremely happy for all the girls and coaches and the whole student body at Foran. Although we did give up 3 touchdowns, when 2 of the throws could have been intercepted. I can not take away on how fantastic their quarterback was and how well she could throw the ball down the field. For next season, I don’t expect any less from my players coming back and the players coming up next year, I want back to back wins and for many more years to come.”

The 2018 PowderPuff team after their exciting win against Law. Photo courtesy of Maria Crocco.

Wide receiver Jess Gluhanich, a  junior and her first year playing says, “It was a very good game and it was a great experience. It was really fun and I had so much fun with my team and created a great bond with them. Law is a great team and they played very well, their whole team was very competitive and although they have won in the past, they can’t expect to win everytime. We practiced like we played and never stopped trying to improve in practice to get our final goal done which was to win.”

Ariana Montero, one of the running backs of Foran was also given MVP, and there no question about that. She played her absolute heart out and even after getting beat up, she never stopped until the last whistle was blown. She says, “The game was not what I expected, I didn’t know how aggressive it would be and how hard the Law girls would go at us. But at the same time I loved it, I loved how everything played out in the end. With overtime beginning, coach had told me that I was going in for the play, though I had begged him to take me out because we really needed the touchdown and I thought I would fail under pressure. But coach Phelan and another player reassured me that I could do it. Everyone was very supportive and I’m so glad I was able push through and get the play done. I am really looking forward to next year, all the coaches were very supportive and friendly and made the environment fun. I also think we should try to set up more games for next year because I knew we were all upset when the season ended.”

Every year no matter who wins, the game is always remembered as a very tough game from both schools. Both teams never give up. The stacks are set high for next year, but all that each team can do is to prepare and get better to make the next game even more competitive.