Key Club Provides Hope: Raising Money for the Salvation Army


Freshmen Key Club Members raise money for the Salvation Army. Photo courtesy of Corina Massey.

Isabella McPadden

Staff Writer

The Salvation Army’s motto remains compassionate, as it states, “Salvation Army; Doing the most good.” Many don’t understand how much work goes into raising money for this great organization. This year, Key Clubs from all across the nation participate to collect money on behalf of the Salvation Army.

Foran physical education teacher and Key Club advisor Ms. Cathy Ganun is very passionate about this specific volunteering event. It means a lot to her, as well as the club, to help raise money for families and seniors who are struggling financially.

Ganun says, “We have been working with the kids as long as I have been volunteering. I joined in 2003 when Vin Maratoli was Key Club advisor. I think it was happening before me as well, but that’s the history I know for sure. This year we’re at both Stop and Shop near the mall and the new Boscovs. It’s important because all the money raised stays in Milford to help our families and seniors who are struggling financially. We are able to assist where other agencies cannot and address emergency needs. It starts Friday, November 23 and runs every weekend through Christmas.”

Foran High School Key Club has four officers assisting Ganun run the organization this school year. The Vice President is Senior Hannah Turner, the treasurer is Senior Ava Haig, the secretary is Senior Shannon Thompson, and the President is Senior Hannah Kresen. Hannah Turner has some thoughts on what volunteering for the Salvation Army, as well as in general, means to her.

Turner says, “Volunteering is the most enjoyable activity that Key Club has to offer because of the response we get from the people we help. Whether it is the librarians, or other volunteers they are always ecstatic when we come to help. It is really important to help others, and receiving so much thanks from those we help is really encouraging. Additionally, we are allowed to be meet people from all around Milford. Most people I volunteer with, or for, I do not know, but after volunteering together we quickly become friends.”

President Hannah Kresen has a very important role in the Foran High School Key Club. Hannah is always sending out messages to her fellow Key Club mates to keep everyone in the loop, and assists Key Club Advisor, Ms. Cathy Ganun. She has an opinion on what makes volunteering for the Salvation Army more enjoyable than other volunteering events.

Key Club President Hannah Kresen says, “My favorite part about bell ringing for the salvation army is dancing and singing to christmas songs with my friends while volunteering and seeing the smiles on the people’s faces when they see us singing.”

This Key Club Salvation Army volunteer event demonstrates a clear  act of generosity, contributing to the pride of students at Foran High School. Stopping by the Boscovs Stop and Shop.