Top Gifts on the List: The Ultimate 2018 Gift Guide


Juniors exchange gifts for a Secret Santa Exchange on December 16, 2018. Each person received an item that they desired for the holidays. Photo Courtesy Corina Massey

Juniors exchange gifts for a Secret Santa Exchange on December 16, 2018. Each person received an item that they desired for the holidays. Photo Courtesy Corina Massey

Corina Massey

Staff Writer

The holiday season has officially begun. Stores swapped their pumpkins for Christmas trees, people rushed around to get the top wanted items on Black Friday, houses have been decorated with lights. Parents constantly ask their children for what is on their letters to “Santa.” As the famous Christmas Carol states,“He is making a list, He’s checking it twice.” However, what if there is no list?

Coming up with a holiday wish list can be quite difficult. Although, each year there are multiple hot items that students are asking for.

One of the most ticketed items this year are new sneakers. As the winter sport season begins, many students swap their old shoes for the best ones on the market. Freshman, Charles Diamantis stated, “My top item for Christmas would be shoes because I need new ones and my old ones don’t fit. I need them for basketball and everyday use.” Currently some popular shoes for teen boys  include: Nike or NBA player’s collections, such as Lebron James and Kyrie Irving. The price of sneakers are often around $120, but the price can vary depending on the model.

Technology is always a top item during the holidays. This year one of the top items are airpods. Sophomore Mary Grace Weissauer is wishing for airpods. She states, “I asked for airpods because I think wireless headphones will be useful to workout.” The headphones cost $159.00 and have a 24 hour battery.

Another form of technology is cellphones. Each September Apple comes out with a new form of iPhone. This year Apple released the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. Samsung has also released new phones. One being the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The phone is intended to be the  best phone for business of the year. In a world filled with social media and constant connection to the internet, a cell phone could always be an item on one’s holiday list.

Many students need new sports equipment. One example could be a baseball bat.  Junior, Tyler Griffin is one of the many students asking for equipment for the next sport season. Griffin plays both basketball and baseball, but is asking for a new baseball bat. He states, “The top gift I am asking for this year is for a new baseball bat because I need one for the upcoming high school season.” Some of the top baseball bats this year include Marucci Cat 8, Louisville Slugger Solo,  and the Louisville Slugger 919, according to Griffin.

However if students do not play sports, but wish to stay fit there are many gifts ideas to fit this wish. Sophomore Tori Lanese states, ”I am asking for a Fitbit because they help with exercise.” A Fitbit acts as a watch, but it measures the steps taken, heart rate, steps climbed, and other measures related to fitness. Another fitness idea might be as simple as a gym membership.

The choices of gifts could seem endless. If students struggle to figure out what to ask for there are simple ideas such as gift cards, cash, or clothes.