Hot! Hot! Hot! Foran HS Introduces Hot Chocolate


Students at Foran HS enjoy the new hot chocolate machine. Photo courtesy of Ciara DeMott. December 2018.

Ciara DeMott

Staff Writer

Joseph A. Foran High School welcomes the introduction of Hot Chocolate Milk to their breakfast menu. Currently offered as a free addition to a combo breakfast meal, the Food Services Staff states that it has been a big hit.

The new hot chocolate milk is made from a 1% milk that is heated up to over 140 degrees in a Chocolady Hot Chocolate Milk machine. The Chocolady machine heats up in less than an hour and holds about 40, 8 oz servings of hot chocolate. Carpigiani, the company who makes the products, advertises it as a machine “designed to heat and mix any kind of drink (tea, coffee, milk, mulled wine, etc.) and chocolate in a special way that ensures its smoothness and thickness. The machines prepare the hot chocolate simply and effortlessly.”

Currently the lunch staff only has one machine so they have not been able to sell during the lunch waves. The also have currently chosen not to sell a la carte or on its own. They said that they might in the future but it was important to the district to advertise breakfast.

Questions began to rise among the student body, ‘If we can sell hot chocolate, what else can we sell?’ or ‘How can we incorporate a larger variety of beverages at Foran?’ Milford’s very own Director of Food Services, Eileen S. Faustich MS SNS, answered these questions.

What many do not see is the tedious, very strict guidelines that public school officials have to follow when creating public school food menus. The Connecticut government votes annually on small details like sugar, calorie, and fat count amounts in food. Although many will complain about school lunch, there is a guarantee that the food is good for you.