“Family is Forever”


Senior Hannah Turner and her family spending time by the Christmas tree this holiday season.

The importance of spending time with family around the holidays

Abby Licata

Staff Writer

     As the holiday season comes around, most families come together and spend quality time with each other. Many students from Foran High School and their families catch up during winter break and come together. As this break from school comes along, students are able to fit in time with their families.

     When asked about the importance of spending time with family senior, Hannah Turner states, “I think it’s important to spend time with my family around the holidays because it shows them how much I really care about them. It is very important to give back during the holiday season, but most importantly to your family who is always providing for you throughout the year.” Jessie Foss similarly states, “It is important to spend time with family throughout the holidays because they are he most important people in your life. Family is forever.” Sophie Lucas appreciates her family when saying, “It is important to spend time with the people you love and care about to show your appreciation for everything they have done throughout the year.”

       Many families take up certain traditions and activities they do during the holidays that make it special to them. Lucas states “My favorite thing that my family does around the holidays is getting and decorating our Christmas tree as a family.” Foss states, “My favorite thing to do with my family around the holidays is travel to Florida and get to see family that I don’t normally see. I am able to spend quality time with them during this time.” Lastly, Turner states her unique enjoyment by saying, “My favorite thing to do around the holidays with my family is getting together and watching Christmas movies. We don’t always have time to sit around and take a break from our busy schedules, therefore relaxing watching these movies is great!”

       There are many different holidays that students celebrate. There are many traditions for every holiday. Lucas states, “My favorite holiday to spend with my family is definitely Christmas and is always an amazing time.” Turner similarly states, “My favorite holiday to spend with my family is Christmas because I love decorating and going to church with my whole family.” Similarly, Foss states, “I love spending time with my family during Christmas time because of our unique traditions.”

       During the holidays families are able to catch up and appreciate each other and what they do throughout the year for them.