Ralph has smashed onto screens again


Poster for Disney’s Ralph Breaks The Internet in theaters now. Photo courtesy of Disney Movies

Annabelle Farrell

Staff Writer

Wreck it Ralph first came onto screens in 2012. Viewers got to see the adventures that friends Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz went on, who are also the two main characters. Six years later, Ralph Breaks the Internet has come to theaters.

Their adventure to the internet starts when Vanellope’s game Sugar Rush breaks, and gets unplugged because a part is broken. Ralph then has the idea to go and get the new part from the internet. Along the way the two meet new friends, and discover issues that will test their friendship.

Ralph and Vanellope are the dynamic duo with Ralph being tough yet sensitive, and Vanellope being ready to take on a new adventure. With two different personalities, some people are more favorable towards a different character. Sophomore Alex Velez stated, “My favorite character in the book was Ralph because he is very funny and learned so many life lessons in the movie.” While sophomore Audrey Lane’s stated, “My favorite is Fix It Felix because he is underrated and he does his best to help Ralph in his bad situations.” With many characters, people have a wide variety of favorites.

Besides the characters, there where many favorite parts to the movie. Sophomore Nicole Jones stated, “My favorite part of the movie was when the disney princesses came. No one has ever put the princess into a modern day animation until now.” Alex Velez also stated, “My favorite scene is when Ralph reads his first hate comment after becoming a Youtube star. The boss helped him realize that there will always be haters and that you need to have self confidence.”

On their way to the internet, Ralph and Vanellope travel through Disney where they meet the newly animated Disney Princesses. The new princesses where a shock to many people, the oldest being Snow White who has not been animated since 1937. Nicole Jones also stated, “

The princess’ and Vanellope teach young girls that they don’t need to be rescued and that they are not helpless or damsels in distress.”  

Sophomore Alex Velez stated, “Towards the end, Vanellope gives Ralph a tough choice that could change their friendship, and the decision left me in tears.” Ralph Breaks the Internet is in theaters now.