Electives Show Multiple Fields


all the departments in the elective fair including, family and consumer science, journalism, music, business, yearbook, and the technology department. Photo courtesy of Mane Street Mirror Staff

Kayla Jurzyk

Staff Writer

Every year Foran organizes a fair for the school to display posters and videos to demonstrate a wide variety of classes to take for the upcoming school year. These electives are extracurricular classes you can take based on your own interests rather than requirements. The courses allow students to become independent and to help them find their interest for college in the future. Junior Ariana Montero says, “As a senior I want to take AP statistics and business management because in college I’m interested in traveling internationally and talk numbers, and finance.”

Students who take the classes presented design posters and put together videos that are appealing to the students that want to sign up. Kaylee Sostilio, a senior taking yearbook says, “We showed them previous work that we have completed and encourage them to be a part of the yearbook family.” Sostilio continues to explain what yearbook includes on their poster to attract students, “Examples of pages we have completed along with pictures of our students at Foran.”

There are many choices for electives including technology, business, family and consumer science, English, P.E, and visual/ performing arts courses. There are many classes that fall under all those types and students begin with the first class and can progress through the years which will become more advanced. David Spinetti, part of the Career and Technical Education Department, explains what students should expect when taking a technology elective, “Students should take my classes if they are interested in learning the fundamentals of using a computer as a tool in problem solving. Many college majors are now requiring at least one computer science course because computers have become such a prevalent part of daily life. Knowing how to utilize computers as tools has become a requirement in every field from clothing design to research and analytics, why not get a jump start while here at Foran.”