Shine Bright Like a Diamond


Becca Palermo & Kayla Jurzyk

Staff writers

A popular fashion stance around the world trending amongst teens is jewelry; an accessory that gives personality and style to an outfit.

Maci Pastir, Sophomore at Foran, said, “My nana got me a ring when she went to Israel and its important to me knowing I get to see the culture of a different country and to see that version of beauty.”

Juniors at Foran High School, Nicole North, and her best friend, Ariana Montero each have similar necklaces they got from their vacation to Florida. Nicole said “I really like to wear the necklace, it reminds me of Florida, which I miss, and Ariana”. The necklaces are special to both of them as it symbolizes their friendship.

Emily Wheaton, who is the goalie for the girls soccer team at Foran says “I can’t have more ear piercings since I play soccer all year round. The refs at soccer make us take them out even if we put tape over it.” Emily went on to say “I wish I could have more ear piercings, but I have to wait.”

Junior Bella Pietrosanti says, “I think they’re fun and I like to change up different earrings and make different combinations.”

Many wear jewelry just because they like it, or even have a deeper meaning into why they wear it.

Pictured above, Bella Pietrosanti’s ear piercings
Pictured above, a silver princess ring from the store, Pandora