Winter Wrap Up

Abbie Mitchell

Staff Writer

This past winter, Milford experienced a very small amount of snow with freezing temperatures continuing to this day. With winter’s first day beginning on December 21 and ending on March 20, that leaves a lot of time for temperatures to fluctuate and drop. As all of Milford and even Connecticut can relate, this previous Thanksgiving was one of the coldest since 1905 according to NBC CT. Many weather alerts were sent out the day of and before to prepare the public for the below 0° temperature and winds. Along with weather alerts, a large amount of Connecticut schools made the decision to postpone their Thanksgiving Day game to avoid the frigid weather. Milford kept their rivalry game for Thanksgiving as planned.

With winter coming to an end this month, it is very unlikely we will get any more snow according to AccuWeather because of the high temperatures above 32°. Looking back on this prior chill season, the amount of snow Milford has received is very minimal. The very first snowfall occurred two weeks before winter officially began on December 9 with 4-7 inches. The largest snowfall was on February 9 when there was over a foot of snow as reported by CT Post. As spring slowly approaches the rest of the winter’s upcoming throughout the rest of February and into March the temperatures will begin to get warmer with 47° being the highest.