Eye on the Finish


Emily Mager staying motivated through singing and singing competitions.

Abby Licata

Staff Writer

As the school year passes by, seniors at Foran High School inch closer and closer to graduation. For some, it may be hard to stay motivated and continue to work hard. However, some students find ways to continue working hard and preparing themselves for college. These methods could also potentially help others who are struggling to stay focused during the school year. Methods to continue to work hard during the school year differ with each person and their personality also.

  Senior Emily Mager, talks about what she does to stay motivated saying, “To stay motivated I do what I love the most, singing. I’m performing in CT Idol on February 28th, 2019. My motivation has lead me to this year I am excited to do something I love and it helps me get through the school year and prepares me for the future.” Senior Lavinia Labrias states, “The way I stay motivated through the school year is to have the mindset that procrastination will not benefit me in the future.” She also goes on to state, “I also stay physically active during the school year to help guide me through the last few months with a positive mindset.” Lastly, Senior Jeunne Marino explains her methods to stay motivated when saying, “One way that I stay motivated through the end of the year is listening to music. Music helps me focus and be able to finish all my work..”

  There are struggles that they are able to face with these ways they stay motivated. Mager states, “Some struggles I face are finding me singing competitions and going against great competition. However, with doing the thing I love I am able to keep going.” Labrias also states, “I face struggles such as getting my work done, but having this mindset has helped me be on top of my work and keep going.” Marino states, “One struggle that I face is managing time and finding time to do all of my work for my classes. Taking a lot of AP’s can be hard, but through motivation and time management I am able to get everything done..”

  The end of senior year flies by for many people while they often struggle to put in their best effort and concentrate on classes. However, making and using different methods could potentially help. The end of the year may seem very close, but work still continues to go on.