The Promposal Too Extra or Just Right?


After the play, Leandra greets her friend with her promposal referencing to the show Friends.

Ben Grunow

Staff Writer

With the days ticking by at Foran High School, junior students are getting quite antsy and excited for that very special event that occurs once in a lifetime, prom. In only a few more months, that big dance will be here before students know it and as of right now many of them are scrambling to find dresses, tuxedos, party buses, but most importantly dates. Now many people may assume that it’s a nice simple process by just verbally asking another person and see if they would like to go to together. While some students may prefer this, many others find this no longer sufficient and desire something more when being asked. There has been a large trend that has took over the last couple years, called promposals. For someone that may not know, a promposal is an elaborately staged request to be someone’s date to a prom. Students have been doing this in many different ways, getting more extra and creative as time goes on. When it started, promposals only required a poster with a cheesy pun to go along with it. Despite this option being the most popular, there are many viral videos of students using the whole school at their disposal, creating dance routines, asking dozens of other teenagers to pass out gifts as the desired date walks down a hallway, to even paying celebrities to make a surprise appearance to help with a promposal.

On the negative side of things, some students may find all of this promposal stuff quite unnecessary and seriously extra, complaining that prom is only a dance. One student, Matt Rothchild, a junior at Foran, has quite a strong opinion on the topic. “When I see all these videos and pictures online showing promposals and the crazy extent students go through just to ask a person to prom, I just laugh and shake my head. There is really no need for them at all, people are just wasting money and there’s even a chance they may say no.”

Clearly, students like Matt, don’t really approve of the new trend for prom, but on the contrary many students at Foran really enjoy this concept and are even doing it themselves. This group of individuals include student, Leandra Fernandez, who is planning on doing a promposal for her friend after the school play Annie. She believes, “Promposals are so cute and fun. The amount of creativity and effort put into makes me smile because it shows how much others care for one another. The reason I’m doing a promposal is to show my good friend just a little affection and care. I wanna make her happy and tell her I am glad that she’s my date to prom.”

So whether students at Foran love or hate promposals, they are here to stay for quite a while. With prom up the road get ready! More and more students will show up with theirs, and if you’re lucky maybe you’ll get one as well!