Motivation for Organization


A great way to remember when work is due is to write it in a planner. If students keep all of their assignments in their head they will likely forget a few.

Abby Richards

Staff Writer

Students in high school tend to have a lack of motivation for organization during the second half of the year, as it seems to be last on their list of priorities. While it isn’t a priority for some it is essential for students to stay organized in high school to ensure that they get their work done and on time and are aware of their responsibilities. Without organization, students forget what they are required to complete for classes and their grades, as a result, can drop.

A student should stay organized in every class but here are just some of the teachers who deem organization essential. Ms. Ashley Springsteen, one of the newest teachers to the math department, says that the best way to stay organized is to make lists. This is a personal recommendation from Ms. Springsteen as she truly does this every single day. English teacher Mr. Rick Raucci has a different way to keep everything in check, keeping a planner instead of making lists.

Should there be lessons on organization during common time? Ms. Springsteen says there should explaining, “I think a lot of kids in high school already know how to stay organized, but some just still don’t know and maybe haven’t found their way to stay organized. I always think it’s good to learn new tricks for that.” Mr. Raucci is in agreement saying, “I don’t think that it would hurt to have something in common time as a lesson for that.”

Keeping classwork in binders is an effective organizing method which ensures that every handout is in one spot.

Ms. Springsteen has an additional perspective on this topic, pointing out why it is crucial to stay organized from a teaching standpoint. “Staying organized is important for my math classes. I like to give all of my classes at least a week notice on when quizzes and tests are,” she explains. “I always have over a week planned ahead of time.” Mr. Raucci adds that to ensure students are organized, many English teachers in the department will “tend to go through [and tell students] ‘this is what you’re going to do for the week; how are you going to plan that out?’”

In the end, staying organized is very important for students so that they are able to keep due dates for assignments in check. Even though it is an essential concept for students, it is also vital for teachers. Using motivation to stay organized now, will save a lot of time in the future.