PlayStation Plus Free Games for February

Promotional Art for the video game For Honor. (Photo Courtesy of

For Honor and Hitman – A Good Month for Gamers

Nolan Adams

Staff Writer

PlayStation Plus members can enjoy February because the two free games they can download this month are For Honor and Hitman. If you are a PlayStation Plus member, you can play video games online with other players. Another benefit is that every month, PlayStation will sell two random games for free, but only for a limited time.

These games are usually independently developed or under the radar of most hardcore gamers. Such free games have been open world fighting game Absolver, and pixelated beat-em-up Broforce. But everyone once in a while PlayStation will release award winning studio developed games. This is that month.

The two games for February are Hitman – The Complete First Season and For Honor. In Hitman, you play as an assassin hired to take out 6 targets in different missions and environments. Each target has its own level. 6 levels might seem like a small package, but where Hitman shines is the freedom of how you want to approach each target. Choice is a freedom you are given with every mission, offering much replay value to the series. Every episode has now been bundled into a single package – the entire main campaign, three bonus missions and a new, more challenging difficulty – and with the different ways you can perform each mission, the game feels enormous.

Promotional art for the video game Hitman. Photo Courtesy of

The other free game for February is For Honor, a three dimensional fighting game set in Medieval times, where you can play for either the Knights, Vikings, Samurai, or Wu Lin (a Chinese faction). For Honor has received mixed reviews from the gaming community in the past, but the developers are constantly improving and balancing the state of the game with weekly content updates. The game features over 23 characters to play as of February, and there are 3 more on the way this year, with rumors of a whole new faction in 2020. For Honor has many different game modes, such as standard 1v1s, 2v2s, 4v4s, and an objective based game mode, as well as non traditional game modes such as Tribute – a “capture the flag” type game where flags can be placed in offerings to give teams buffs and advantages – and Breach – where the attackers bring their ram through one of the 3 maps and have to protect it as the defenders try and stop them. If the attackers make it to the last wall, the defenders commander comes out, and the attackers have to kill this massive boss. For Honor May be a fighting game, but it also totes a story mode, with albeit a shallow antagonist, but also beautiful maps, and wonderful cinematography.

For Honor received mixed reviews during the first few weeks of its launch, but since release there have been many graphical overhauls and balance patches, proving that the developers are dedicated to this game. (Photo Courtesy of

Nick Porrello is a PlayStation Plus member, and shared his thoughts on both. “I haven’t played as much For Honor to give a definitive opinion, but from what I’ve played so far, it’s extremely addictive and fun, but at the core it’s sadly flawed. 4v4 modes aren’t really skilled based, and if you’re in a 2v1, you’re not gonna get out of it alive. Hitman on the other hand, is very good. Assassinations are up to your imagination, with it being an open space and all. It was annoying that it was episodic, but with it as the full package, I’d say it’s worth the download.”