New Pet Owners: Here’s a Great Place to Start!


Pictured above is Milford Animal Hospital on March 13, 201. Photo courtesy to Becca Palermo.

Isabella McPadden

Staff Writer

At Milford Animal Hospital, animals are not the only ones receiving care, but the owners are highly valued as well. Dr. Jeffrey A. Sachar, VMD, works alongside many associate veterinarians, demonstrating leadership as an owner of the facility. He has a lot of great comments regarding the Milford Animal Hospital, as he encourages dog and cat owners to stop in to receive beneficial treatment from a diverse group of passionate veterinarians.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Sachar grew up in Orange, Connecticut and was a 1993 graduate of Amity High School. He received his veterinarian degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2003. Sachar also began working at the Milford Animal Hospital in the summer of 2007, bringing his passion to treat animals alongside a captivating mission statement. His contributions help Milford Animal Hospital strive and go beyond the limits and help not only animals, but people too.

Sachar remarks, “Our mission statement is to not only exceed expectations, but to help people by helping animals.”

Working in a hospital to help animals requires determination and passion to complete the job, and do it well. This allows veterinarians to satisfy the needs of not only the hospital’s patients, the animals, but also the owners.

As Sachar mentions, “What drives most of us is the human animal bond and seeing the joy that animals bring to the lives of so many.”

The experiences veterinarians offer at the workplace is an extremely important quality to have when it comes down to choosing the right place for treating cats and dogs. At Milford Animal Hospital, the staff has worked with a wide variety of animals.

Sachar also claims, “At MAH, we treat only cats and dogs. However, in our training, we all have been exposed to many different species, from birds and reptiles to farm animals and everywhere in between.”

For more information, Dr. Jeffrey A. Sachar recommends going onto the Milford Animal Hospital’s website, which is organized extremely well and provides a lot of information for customers seeking help. The site has a page specifically for patients, the online pharmacy, financial information, contact references, description on the hospital’s “Free Vaccines for Life” program, and even more. Sachar says, “A good place for you to start in finding information about our practice would be to visit our website at Most of your questions can be answered simply by quickly scanning our website.”