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Retro/ Vintage wear, the 80’s and 90’s – Fashion trends from the past: implementing tie-dye prints, bright neon clothing and large amounts of new improvements on the ’90s grunge trend, and of course the chunky dad sneakers is still quite a strong trend carrying over to spring. Photo courtesy: Gobinder Jhitta.

New Men’s Fashion Trends of Spring

Ben Grunow

Staff Writer

With the spring season kicking off, weather getting warmer, new sports are starting up, and the clothing people are wearing changes. Everyone is adapting to this new change in weather, transitioning slowly into warmer and lighter articles of clothing and accessories.

Short shorts – Think of lengths used up on the tennis courts and and with serious bikers…yikes, this may not seem like many men’s cup of tea but with the intense usage and addition of it in many fashion shows, it will sure catch on. Photo Courtesy: Elizabeth Lippman for The New York Times
Utility vests – These military-style vests and other chest rigs are becoming a great new essential to a wardrobe. With all the small gadgets and technological devices people carry around all the time, this is a very stylish and convenient fashion accessory Photo Courtesy:
Suits tailored, no undershirt – Basically wearing the sophistication of a suit, with the jacket and the pants, but no undershirt. Seems very strange but many designer companies are implementing this mens’ trend for the warmer weather of spring. Photo courtesy: [email protected]
Trench coats – Everyone needs an overcoat for spring and the trench coat is a great option. The trench coat, especially equipped in the earthy tan or sage green shades, will be very easy on the eyes blending in with the slowly growing green of trees and plants. This will be an essential for many seasons to come. The trench coat is versatile and used to dress up or down with casual denim or more tailored pieces. Photo courtesy: mens 2019 Valentino Spring Fashion line