Opening Day, Not Baseball!


Nick Lawrence

Staff Writer

The second Saturday in April is an amazing day for anglers all over Connecticut. Ponds and lakes are open all year round but the rivers and streams are officially open to fish. The state of Connecticut stocks the rivers and streams with trout of all kinds including rainbow and brown. People of all ages wake up at the crack of dawn just so they can get to a river before other anglers get there. Fishing can be very relaxing if you may be going through something or if you just want some alone time. Many people from Foran love fishing including Jack Dawid. When asked about fishing Dawid said, “I love fishing since it allows me to get away from all the stress of being a teenager. I go with my friends and we just fish and have a great time. Everyone should try fishing at least once.” Jack loves fishing and wants everyone else to love it.

    What is good about fishing is that there are so many different ways to fish. It allows an angler with not as much experience to stay engaged with the sport. In Connecticut, there are so many places to go fishing and catch many different kinds fish. You catch trout, large and smallmouth bass, sunfish, pickerel, and catfish. That is just a couple of the many other fish an angler can catch. When asking Chris Capamola what kind of fish he likes to catch Capamola said, “I love catching trout in April, but as soon as it starts getting a little bit warmer out I will start trying to catch largemouth bass. They are my favorite freshwater fish to catch. They put up a great fight and they do not bite so that makes it even better.” It is very typical for a fishermen/women to love catching bass and trout because they are very heavily populated in Connecticut. Fishing can definitely be boring but it is also the experience that comes along with it. When talking to Travis Gently about what he loves to do after school Gently said, “I love fishing especially when I go with my friends. My favorite time of year to go fishing is in the summer because if my boys and I have nothing to do we will just hit a local pond or river.” Fishing keeps you busy, it is a great sport that more people should get into.