Sound Lions The protection of Long Island Sound’s Local Marine Environment


Malcolm Chavez


The seas, oceans, rivers, beaches, and other bodies of water provides us with breathtaking views, relaxing sounds, and emotions. However, each year, humans continue to destroy the very essence of life through littering. The new club created at Foran High, Sound Lions, is dedicated to eliminating and raising awareness to the pollution in bodies of water to protect our marine environment.

The Sound Lions was not founded by any administration or teacher but rather a student who is passionate about the protection of our marine environment. Junior, Ariana Montero, presented the idea to start a club that raised awareness to marine related issues and conservation efforts to the Marine Science teacher at Foran High, Mrs. Laura Donovan. Although there is already an environmental club at the school, Mrs. Laura Donovan stated, “Sound Lions are focused more specifically on marine environments and challenges that marine wildlife face, rather than talking about the environment as a whole.”

Like many clubs, Sound Lions has a goal; their goal is to help improve the condition of the marine environment and speak to those who are not educated about the issue. “Some activities that we participate in are beach cleanups and host fundraisers to raise money and awareness for organizations such as Oceanic Preservation Society,” stated by junior, Ariana Montero. Montero’s dedication to the club translates to more educated and highly motivated members. According to Mrs. Laura Donovan, she even creates PowerPoints to further educate those in the club about the current events and issues related to the topic of Marine Science. The Sound Lions have recently implemented bags for the collection of water bottles around Foran High School to raise money for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a marine wildlife conservation organization.

Not only do the members receive an emotional reward through the club, but they also receive rewards pertaining to their future after high school. Members who participate in the beach cleanups and fundraisers can use the hours they will spend and utilize it as community hours which can be used to graduate with distinction if the required amount of hours is reached.

Junior, Nicole North, explained, “I find the club helpful towards my character because it’s teaching me how to become a helpful person. I’ve also always cared about our marine environment but throughout my time with the club, I am building passion towards the issue and will be more involved.” Students who are not from the club had also spoken. “The Sound Lions sounds like an incredible club that is helping our marine environment to improve in regards to pollution and also the members with their community hours requirement. I would love to join this club if it ends up fitting with my schedule because of the great cause and I encourage everyone to become a member as well,” stated by Kalyn Cocchia

Meetings for Sound Lions are the first Thursday of every month. All are welcome.

Poster depicting the information for the Sound Lions. Photo taken by Malcolm Chavez on March 8, 2019.