Beauty in the Big City


Deanna Dempsey

Staff Writer

BeautyCon is an event that is held in many different cities, for example, this year’s event is taking place in the heart of New York City, at the Javits Center. In the past, BeautyCon has also traveled far to the west coast in California. This event has a purpose to spread ideas about cosmetics, fashion, lifestyle, and it is a place to bring fans and creators into one area.

       This year, for their five year anniversary, they are having Becky G perform on Saturday, April 6th and Cardi B performing Sunday, April 7th. This event has stands and vendors from many different beauty brands and products to promote their inventions. Some of the many brands include Too Faced, Raw Sugar, Maybelline, and Violet Voss. It’s an amazing opportunity for people looking to buy cosmetics and beauty essentials on a budget. Many think of it as a Black Friday for makeup!

Raw Sugar was one of the brands that attended BeautyCon in New York City this year.

Senior, Claire Koppy, is a very passionate, beginner, makeup artist. She views BeautyCon as a great opportunity to learn and meet influencers. “I heard about BeautyCon years ago through watching all of my favorite beauty influencers on YouTube. I love the panels that they do with all the featured guests. People should attend if you love makeup or the influencers they watch on YouTube.” It is very clear that Claire is very interested in makeup as well as the beauty experts on YouTube.

Junior, Roma Ubaldi, is also a very devoted makeup and fashion enthusiast. She learned about this makeup event through social media. “I heard about BeautyCon throughout YouTube and Instagram. I like how many celebrities and influencers go. People should go to see new makeup products and watch how to apply them.” Roma finds it very engaging that you are able to learn not only about the products, but how to apply them and use them.

This is the big dance floor that people can go to and show off their dance moves!

Senior, Lexi Roma, is another dedicated cosmetic and fashion follower. She is always aware and following the new trends of makeup and styles. “I like that you could go and meet other makeup artists and you get to learn from them. People should attend because it’s very interesting and seems like so much fun.” Being able to get close and personal with artists that can teach and give you feedback on skills/ technique is a very helpful to beginner and experienced cosmetologists.

The event will be held on April 6th and 7th in New York City at the Javits Center. You may be interested in attending if you hold love and compassion for cosmetics, fashion, skin care, etc.