Proudest Moments in High School


Senior Sophie Lucas playing on the girls soccer team.

Abby Licata

Staff Writer

During the four years in high school a lot of memorable events occur from sports to academics and some may remember them for the rest of their lives. At Joseph A. Foran High Schools, seniors are coming to an end and about to start their future. Many individuals accomplished many goals that they had during the four years of being here. These events may help shape them for what is to come.

Sports are an activity that many seniors participated in for some or even all of highschool. Many teams at Foran High School advance during the season and are able to take on many different opportunities. Senior, Tessa Malesky, discusses her proudest moment in high school when she says, “My proudest moment in high school was making it to second round of states for soccer.” Senior, Emma Cote, also talks about how sports played into her high school experience and how proud she is when she says, “The proudest moment in high school for me was becoming the captain of indoor and outdoor track.”

Not only do these moments come from sports, but also clubs like drama. Patrick Semana states, “I’m proud of joining the tech crew for the Annie production. I helped bring the crew together and we were able to show the play at its best.” Senior, Hannah Turner, was able to create her own club and has made her very proud of what she has done, “My proudest moment in high school was creating the American Sign Language (ALS) after school club.” Clubs have made a great impact on many students at Foran and have shaped them into mature and independent individuals.

Some students at Foran have also been able to grow through high school. Senior, Bell West, says, “What I am most proud of us being able to get out of my shell and talk to people who I usually wouldn’t talk to.” Timothy Fitzgerald says what he is most proud of when saying, “How many people I am able to say that I have helped throughout my years in high school.”

Not only helping oneself was a proud moment for some, but also helping other people and going back. Senior, Tiana Albuquerque, says, “My proudest moment was helping out with unified sports.” Quentin Pincus similarly says, “I am most proud taking peer assist gym and forming relationships with all the students.”