The Day That Changes a Football Player’s Life

Some of the football players drafted on April 25th first picture is Kyler Murray .

Nick Lawrence

Staff Writer

On the date April 24, 2019 the NFL draft decides which prospects will be entering the NFL. This date changes the lives of many people. Some teams have really good years and draft great players. On the other hand, some teams have one of those years where it has people shaking their heads. This years draft was more of a defensive and quarterback year, but there will still be great players in the other positions. The Cardinals hit it big with the best quarterback in college, Kyler Murray.

He is a very skilled player who also could have played baseball. Some teams such as the Raiders and Giants left their teams very disappointed in who they drafted. The Giants drafted Daniel Jones, a quarterback from Duke. This draft pick had fans and analysts very confused. Reasoning behind it, was that there were two better quarterbacks in the draft, but they picked the one that was not the best. When asking Bobby Utz, about how he feels on the Giants picking Daniel Jones he said, “I wish my team had a brain and picked the qb they said they were trying to get for months, Dwayne Haskins. It just makes me mad to see my team do this like, I want to see them play good next year.” The draft also had a lot of great picks.

The Patriots picked a wide receiver that wasn’t expected to get picked in the first round. The Patriots see a lot of potential in the kid they drafted, K’Neal Harry. Jake Visocchi who loves the Patriots had a couple words on the draft, “I love how you never know who the Patriots will draft, it’s truly amazing. This guy is good and I can not wait to see what he has in store for us.” Overall the draft was good, not every team did as well as they wanted but sometimes that’s how life rolls. There is a lot to look forward to when the 2019 season starts in August. Anthony Giordano can’t wait to see the 2019 season. “I may be a giants fan but, I got a lot of faith in my boys, they will figure out a way to get things rolling so they are a playoff team once again.” As a whole the draft was good. A lot of analysts say this was a great draft for people who needed defensive players, considering the fact that most of the people drafted were on the defense.