Dress to Impress

Kayla Jurzyk

Staff Writer

As the year comes to an end, the senior class gets ready for one last high school dance to wrap up the four years of their lives. Cotillion is a semi-formal event, spent with friends to enjoy music, food, and appreciate the final memories of high school. Every year, the dance takes place at Vazzano’s Four Seasons in Stratford and this year is on May 31.

Hope Burrows, a former graduate talked about her experience at the dance, “Cotillion was a really fun way to end the year with my friends! I had so much fun dancing and hanging out with everyone as a final send off before graduation!” Hope continued to explain how cotillion was her favorite high school dance and allowed her to spend quality time with friends. Along with final send offs, Emily Wheaton is excited to attend cotillion this year as a junior with senior Max Levitt. Emily says, “The seniors this year are really nice and fun to hang out with so Cotillion will definitely be fun, it’s also my last dance with Max before he graduates so I’m really excited.”

Foran alumni, on the left Emily Kwalek and Hope Burrows taken June 1, 2018 during Cotillion of last year.

When it comes to getting ready, there is no pressure to dress formally compared to other dances such as prom. Girls wear short, spring dresses, while guys wear dressy shirts, shorts and or khakis. This year however, an idea has sprung to changing the attire to long dresses. Every student has their own view about the idea, so the class officers came to the conclusion of wearing both long and short dresses. Senior and class secretary Janella Briones says, “There was a lot of debate on making cotillion a more formal event since we don’t have a senior prom. The other class officers and I decided that everyone should be able to wear what they wanted.”

Co-Advisor, Lori Hart says, “Cotillion should be a stress free semi-formal dance that costs much less than prom, and it’s a great farewell for all of the seniors.”

Cotillion is a final wrap up of high school for the seniors beginning the next step of their lives. Senior Richard Piscitelli says, “It’s my last high school dance so it’s weird knowing my friends and I will be starting new schools and experiences after the end of this year.” Cotillion tickets are on sale during all lunch waves this week at a discounted rate of  $25 for students. Class dues and all obligations must be paid prior to your purchase. Underclassmen or guests from another school will pay $50 per ticket.  Have your permission slip completed to purchase tickets for anyone attending the cotillion. Early dismissal requests must be given to Mrs. Hazelton no later than Wednesday, May 29.