The Start for New Beginnings


Abby Licata and Janella Briones spend time together during the summer before their senior year begins.

Abbie Mitchell

Staff Writer

As the school year comes to an end, seniors will embark on a brand new series of their life. Throughout their four years here at Joseph A. Foran high school, many friends, experiences, and lessons were endured. The graduating class of 2019 will soon leave and start their new lives in the real world at college, in military forces, etc. Following will provide some seniors stories on what they believe shaped them into the people they are today and how they plan on entering the rest of their lives.

Nick Costantini shares the biggest impact on his life was, “learning how to pole vault on the track team because it set me on the right track and now I’m vaulting in college which was always a dream for me.” Constantini will be attending Southern Connecticut State University and exclaims the hardest thing about entering a new chapter in his life will be starting off on his own. Nick shares, “I know things will get easier over time it’s just going to have be an adjustment you have to make. You’re going to have to strive through and want to better yourself. Everything will get better with time.”

Sam O’Neil, who will be attending Florida Southern College, to play on their lacrosse team says sports had the biggest impact on who she is today.  O’Neil shares that sports has taught her so many life lessons that she wouldn’t have learned without it. O’Neil says, “Sports taught me how to work well with others and communicate well with others and learn how to be a leader.”

For Josh Veillard, it was getting a detention and lots of tardies helped me realized that being on time for things in your daily life is important. “Playing sports also enabled me to learn how to work efficiently with other people along with, how to take care of my body and health and allowing me to stay fit.” Veillard plans to follow in the career pathway of electrical engineering.

Tiffany Lara, says teachers pushing her to do her absolute best, had the biggest impact on her. Lara says, “Their motivation made me want to get my grades up which then lead me to getting into a good school.” Lara also shares, “I believe the most challenging thing is trying to figure out what I want to do in the future and seeing if this major will be a good fit for me.” Lara will be attending Sacred Heart University and majoring in psychology.

Yasmina Lingane, exclaims what impacted her the most and made her who she is today is most definitely the people she surrounds herself with. Lingane shares, “That’s very important because those around you have such a great impact on you whether you want to admit it or not.” Yasmina says, the most challenging thing about leaving high school will be learning to get comfortable with a new environment. “I’m very shy at first and it takes a lot to get me out of my shell, so college is going to be a big step.” Lingane will be attending UConn and majoring in psychology, she hopes everything goes as planned.

Mike Giordano says joining the wrestling team allowed him to become friends with upperclassmen who knew much more about high school than him at the point in my life.

As the last day of school gets closer and closer, on June 10 along with graduation on the same day seniors are getting prepared for their future. They must begin to say their temporary farewells to friends and family before they head off to start their new lives.