Posty Takes Crocs To A New Level

Ashley Ciesluk

Staff Writer

From his hit songs “Rockstar” to “Congratulations,” Post Malone took the world by storm with his unique style and songs. But now the rapper, who is a big fan of Crocs, has teamed up with them for a Post Malone themed Croc. These Crocs are $59.99 and come in three unique designs. One being a yellow croc with black insides and sole, with his classic barbwire design spread across the top. The others being his classic camo design (only being sold in Australia) and another a white pair with yellow devils. All of which come with special Post Malone jibbitz.

The rapper’s crocs sold out in minutes in both the initial launch and in the restocks too. As of right now, the Crocs are still sold out even though they were released November 1, 2018 and have had released restocks. His new camo crocs only being released recently in Australia on May 9 are sold out too.

Post Malone’s yellow barbwire crocs

Even students here at Foran like these Crocs. Junior, Victoria Comey, stated “Post Malone’s Crocs are more creative and intricate from other Crocs. They’re more with the aesthetic of today’s word and have the weird shock factor that people are looking for.” She also stated when talking about if she would want a pair of these Crocs, “I don’t personally wear crocs most of the time but they look rad so why not.” Junior, Garrett Garfield, also thinks these crocs are cool saying, “I like Post Malone’s Crocs because I think it matches his personality,” he said, “I wouldn’t purchase a pair though because I wouldn’t want to copy his style.”

The whole collaboration was very different and unique, really capturing the style of the rapper in a fashionable and comfortable way. Coming in three different styles offering different creative options for everyone who loves Crocs and Post Malone. Buying these Crocs, individuals get to support a great rapper and a great shoe brand too.

Post Malone’s camo crocs (Australia only)