What Seniors Plan to Study- Programs and Majors


CNA students Abby Licata, Emma Cote, and Sophie Lucas having fun in the car on the way to clinical, where they learn about nursing.

Samantha Inthapanhya

Staff Writer

Nursing, accounting, theology, and criminology are just four of the many programs, majors, and minors that Forans’ 2019 soon-to-be graduates plan to focus on for the next four years of their lives, at their future colleges and universities.

Now that National Decision Day, May 1, has passed, seniors have finally committed to their future schools, along with the programs and majors they plan to study. By deciding to further their education, students will be able to acquire new knowledge. They will also develop new skills and trades in college that they would not be able to learn in high school. By broadening their horizons, students will be able to use their furthered educations, applying them to their future careers.

A survey was taken by the majority of the 2019 senior class, which posed the question, “What major(s)/programs are you planning on taking in college?” After receiving many submissions by the seniors, it is apparent that the majors and programs that were chosen were either common or uncommon.

It was concluded that a favorable amount of students are going into fields that specialize in health sciences. This was seen as a vast amount of students plan to study nursing, as well as majoring in biology or other science related courses.

The next field that a great amount of seniors are planning to study is in the social sciences. This was concluded as there were multiple students who chose to pursue social careers such as theology, political science, international studies, and criminology.

Lastly the field that attracted another vast amount of the senior class was in the arts. This was also concluded by many students having the common interest in focusing on creative writing, animation, film, and the arts.

The senior class of 2019 has many people going into different fields that are best suited for each individual and their interests. Not only is the Foran student body excited to see this class off, but the excitement to see where everyone flourishes and expands is to be looked forward to.