Sliding into Foran Baseball


Nik Cruciani

Staff Writer

The ball club is rollin. Sophomore Mike Simonelli up at bat. Photo taken April 25 courtesy of Simonelli family.

The 2019 Foran baseball season is underway and the boys recently made states. Senior ,Richie Piscitelli, has been the starting pitcher for a couple games this season and Richie threw a shutout against Lyman Hall. Gavin Paul, junior, and fan of the teams says,” Richie is lighting it up on the mound.” The first couple wins for Foran were shutouts. A shutout is when the other team doesn’t score a single run.  Game one against Guilford Senior Captain Shane McCone hit a grandslam and Foran ended up getting the mercy. Sophomore, Mike Simonelli,  went all SCC and in the second match up with the Indians, he went two for three with a double and a homerun.

Sophomore, Aidan Deschaine says, “ Ball club is rolling right now; the games are so fun to watch when the varsity team is doing really good, when everyone is getting hits and we are rallying.”  Foran’s ball club couldn’t wait for revenge against Amity. Captain Shane McCone said, “The whole team was working hard to win against Amity and we are still working hard so we can win a state championship. We were very focused during the Amity game, even though we weren’t getting a lot of hits we stayed focused because we wanted to win.”  The first time the boys faced Wilbur Cross was a loss at home. The schedule proved challenging with the second match- up between Wilbur Cross on May 8, with Foran coming out on top after the previous loss. By the sound of the dugout, and the weather cooperating, it seemed the boys had more motivation. This feeling continued with the Amity vs. Foran match up.Senior, Ryan Gosselin, said, “Foran vs. Amity was one of the most intense games I have ever played, games like those, all we needed was to have the will to win more than Amity did.”

     The team will be working hard so they can win a state championship. Coach Walker says, “ I feel this season has brought tremendous growth in all our players. We have had our ups and downs but we have persevered and accomplished our goal of competing in the state tournament. I am excited to continue working and make a run.” Foran Baseball is now in the state tournament and will find out playing times and opponents within the next few days. For now, practice goes on as planned as Foran fans wait and hope for their team to progress.