Running for Remembrance: Post-Dash for Danni Event

Caption: Pictured above is the Foran softball team representing Danni Kemp on May 18, 2019. Photo courtesy to Mrs. Massey.

Isabella McPadden

Staff Writer

Participants in Danni Kemp’s annual 5k donated proceeds toward the Danni Kemp Cancer Support Fund on Saturday, May 18, 2019 at Joseph A. Foran High School. The event took place in order to help other Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) families who cannot afford their own treatments, as well as funding research for DIPG.

In the three previous years, $17,500 was the average amount of money raised, but this year, $18,033 was raised. Of that amount $10,000 will be going to The Cure Starts Now, $1,000 will go to scholarships, and $2500 to the Stratford Brakettes. Clearly, the event was successful in supporting further DIPG research by over $500. Similar to previous years, those who registered in advance received Dash for Danni t-shirts to really show off their spirit going into the event. Foran teacher Mrs. Lisa Farrell decided the race could be a fundraiser for Danni’s medical bills after attending the hair fundraiser and helping out with the pasta dinner in 2016, inspiring her to first organize the event on Sunday, April 2, 2017.

Farrell recalls, “I felt helpless watching what the Kemps were going through. Danni was a former student and I wanted her to feel supported and surrounded with love through a difficult time. Along with parents like Donna Gomes, Robin Weissauer, Debbie Bevino, Rhonda Hart, Gina Weaver, Melissa Wunder, Kiki Enders, and countless business and community members, the walk and run occured. This race also holds the purpose of remembering an incredible Foran alumni and past softball player, Danni Kemp.”

     The softball team here at Foran happily attended again this year. Sophomore Jenna Cichowski on the Foran girls team expresses her opinion on the event. She attended and participated in the 5k along with the rest of the girls.

Cichowski remarks, “I enjoyed attending the event because it was a way to remember Danni as a part of the team. What makes it special is that it’s an event that everyone is able to take part in to remember who she was.”

Junior softball player Leigha Howland also enjoyed the 5k. She definitely looked forward to the race this year.

Howland mentions, “The Dash for Danni is an amazing event that is run by members of the community to honor the life of Danni Kemp who is a Foran alumni. Unfortunately, Danni passed away, so the run is promoted to unite members of the community and raise awareness and funding for research to battle the form of cancer Danni went through. What I enjoy most is the unity displayed throughout the event. Not only are Danni’s friends and family there, but people from Milford and all over Connecticut come to support the cause. It is a positive experience for all people involved and a really fun day to take part in.”

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