Dominating Music in the Parks: More Accomplishments for Foran’s Music Department


The senior members of Foran’s band pose with their director, Ms. Jessica Turner, displaying their awards won at Music in the Parks. Photo courtesy of the Mane Street Mirror Instagram, @manestmirror1.

Anna Jani


Foran’s string orchestra, band, and choir attended their annual Music in the Parks competitive performances last Friday, May 24, 2019 in Massachusetts and later, as part of the program, had the ability to go have fun at Six Flags New England after performing in front of the judges. The Music in the Parks events operate during the late spring months every year throughout different regions across the United States and consist of performance competitions divided into age and music groups against challenging middle and high school musical assemblies.

This year, Foran’s renowned band, named the best overall band of the performances, won first place in the concert band and jazz band competitions. In addition, the band received the Supri Decore Award and senior Ryan Farrell, trumpet player, earned the best jazz soloist award.

Sophomore and band member Leif Lund says that for Foran’s band, this year’s Music in the Parks regional competition was, “Definitely one of the better performances we had; we got one of the highest scores we have ever gotten for Music in the Parks.”

Foran’s esteemed string orchestra received second place in the concert orchestra competition. Senior and orchestra president, Jaelyn Roth states, “I feel strings performed really well and our nerves worked in our favor for the most part by making us give our all,” she says. “It was a big adrenaline rush because not only were we being adjudicated, but it was the seniors’ last performance and it paid off because we got a high excellent rating.”

The string orchestra performed the energetic piece “Skyliners” by Jeffrey S. Bishop and the elegant arrangement “Allegretto from ‘The Creatures of Prometheus,’” by Ludwig van Beethoven. The group came in close with the orchestra who won first place, the strings program of Norwalk High School, settling for second by only a few points.

From left to right, the conductors of the string orchestra, band, and choir, Mr. Steven Juhasz, Ms. Jessica Turner, and Mrs. Teresa Voss, proudly pose with their awarded trophies at the Music in the Parks festival on Friday, May 24, 2019. Photo courtesy of the Mane Street Mirror Instagram, @manestmirror1.

The judges of Music in the Parks named Foran’s choir the best overall choir of the competition and awarded the concert choir with an excellent rating and the second place award. In addition, Foran’s advanced vocal ensemble took home first place and a rating of superior. Senior and choir member, Shannon Winters says, “As for how we performed in the competition, I felt that we performed to the best of our ability and that everyone was excited to sing.”

However, the best was yet to come. After finishing their performances, the string orchestra, choir, and band members arrived at Six Flags New England and spent the entire rest of the day enjoying themselves in a leisurely and stress-free environment, not ending the fun until late that night.

“I had so much fun at Six Flags,” says orchestra member and freshman Kaylee Granfield. “I was hanging out with all my friends eating the most [junky] of all foods. The rides were so amazing and playing and hearing the awards ceremony, it was pretty fun, too.”