Shop Until you Drop


Junior Kalyn Cocchia shares her Memorial Day Outfit and photo edit she created. Cocchia’s red bodysuit was purchased from Forever 21.

Abbie Mitchell, Kayla Jurzyk

Staff Writer

As summer rolls around, along with the warm weather we can begin to prepare to collect cute outfits for upcoming events. With many different styles that one can possess, there are many stores nearby that can supply you with your desired apparel. Alongside specific fashion trends it can be difficult to find what fits your style and what doesn’t, exploring these different stores can help you figure out what fits you & your style the best.

A well known store Forever 21,  has just recently remodeled and has upped their clothing to much more trendy and unique styled items. Their new items include neon colored tops along with Coke Co-Cola and Pepsi inspired tops and bottoms. Another item that has been recently brought back into stye is biker shorts which are mid-length cotton or spandex material pants. Recently rainbow inspired clothing has also become very prevalent in many items such as bodysuits. Amanda Queiroz states, “Forever 21 is one of my favorite places to shop because it always has so many different styles and trends for such an affordable price.” Clothing priced from around $5 up to $25 with a range of clothing.  

If you’re not the type to go out and shop, there are also many online websites with endless deals and sales. For starters, Zaful is a popular website among teens to shop. The sites best sellers are their bathing suits with a variety of colors to choose from and sizes. A majority of their clothing includes printed floral, bright, and pastel fabric. Sales include trending tops starting as low as $9.99, and clearance deals starting at $1.99. Junior, Emily Wheaton, says, “I like to shop at Hollister and other places in the mall for summer clothes, but for bathing suits I like to shop on Zaful or other online stores.”

Afterall, you can’t forget about the accessories to make your summer outfit stylish. When it comes to where to find the perfect accessory, it can be as simple as Target, or Boscovs to buy new jewelry including earrings, or a bracelet. Both stories have a wide selection of silver to gold jewlery. For more high brand accessories, there’s Pandora, and Kay Jewelers which sell watches, rings, and plenty more. Since sunglasses are in such a high demand, don’t stress over buying the fanciest or most expensive type. Hollister and other clothing stores have sunglasses and extra accessories to complete your overall summer look.

With these few stores provided and a little advice and how to find what you like the best, you will go into the summer feeling more confident and stylish than ever.