Final Projects for a Fun End of the Year


Juanito Briones

Dylan Fernandez

Editor & Staff Writer

Senior Eric Levesque’s final project for AP Physics. Photo courtesy of Dylan Fernandez.

With AP Exams in the rearview mirror, many teachers gave their students the chance to work on fun final projects related to their subjects. The projects not only serve as a fun reward to the students who have worked hard all year, but it servers as a method for students to learn about topics that they are interested in.

Eric Levesque, senior, discussed his final project for AP Physics, “I’m doing a poster on quantum computers and I like this project because it allows me to discover higher level physics topics.” Students had the option to make a presentation, poster, or essay on any topic related to physics that interested them. Some other topics were physics in sports, flight physics, and other physics topics like quarks. They had the chance to present these topics to each other, allowing everyone to walk away having learned something new.

Sophomore, Wesley Buzelle, took his first AP class this year and describes his final project as a pleasant surprise, “Considering it’s an AP class I thought the final would be super hard, but actually the final project was fun.” Like Wesley, students in Mr. Tupka’s AP Gov class had to research and present logical and interesting conspiracy theories that relate to the topic of government. Buzelle states, “I wrote about how Walmarts are actually government camps, and it allowed me to use the knowledge I learned from the year and put it toward something interesting.”  

Mr. Tupka states how this final project incorporates the curriculum, “High interest levels, plethora of information and available and since many in the general population believe them it is really a chance to debunk, especially the most outlandish examples.” The project balances fun and knowledge in a rewarding way.

Many other AP classes have had final projects of their own, including AP Lang, AP Macro, and AP Euro. Students in AP Lang read and created presentations based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Macro students created a portfolio calculating their cost of living for the next part of their life; college and beyond.  AP Euro students created family trees allowing them to discover the lives of their past ancestors.

All of AP final projects mix activities that are fun, refreshing for the students, and allow them to learn a lot from a variety of topics unknown to them prior.