Foran Welcomes Foreign Exchange Students

Amber Frank
Jacqueline Fernous
Staff Writers

Say “Nín hǎo” to Tyrone, and “S̄wạs̄dī” to Kata, two new exchange students at Foran High School.

Tyrone is here in Milford all the way from China.


“It is very cool,” Tyrone said about Milford. “The weather is nice. The beach is close to home; I want to go swimming at the beach but I was told it is too cold.”

Tyrone really enjoys his host family and gets along with them well.

“I enjoy all of the activities that Foran has,” Tyrone said. “It is much different from my home in China; there isn’t much to do there.”

Tyrone said his life in China is different than here.

“My home is very small by Chinese standards, but big for America. The air quality is a little better here, but that is common for big cities in China. Life is very fast and busy at home.”

Tyrone really enjoys soccer and volleyball, and in his free time, he says, “I like to play board games, table tennis, and Dungeons and Dragons.”

Tyrone wants the Foran community to know that he is a really funny guy who can tell lots of jokes. He is aware of the large language barrier, but that doesn’t mean he can’t make new friends. Next time you see Tyrone in the hallway, make sure to say hello – and maybe even ask for a joke.

We then caught up with Kata, another exchange student, from Thailand: The Foran community extends a hefty welcome.

When asked what his hometown was like, he responded by saying, “It is a small town surrounded by forest. It’s cold but not too bad.”


Next I asked what he thought of living in Milford so far, and he said, “It’s been very good and reminds me of my town a little bit.” Kata told us about his host family by saying, “They are very good! I like them very much, they are like my parents.”

When asked what he has thought about being a student at Foran so far, he said, “It’s cool! I like it a lot. They have so many activities and clubs to join.” While we chatted about some of his interests and hobbies he replied, “I like to play sports, like basketball, and I joined the chess club. So I’ll play chess with them when I have free time.”

We ended our interview with this message from him to our school: “Hi! I’m Kata, I’m very shy but it’s nice to meet all of you.”

It was so great getting to know and talk with Kata and Tyrone; they are very delightful. Make sure if you see Kata and Tyrone around to give them a warm welcoming smile.