Artists Shine at Art Show at Parson’s Complex

Art work  by students
Art work by students

Michael Bakx and Paige Kissinger

Staff Writers

Last night, Thursday, May 14th was the opening date for the art show that was held at Parsons Complex in the Milford center of time. The event is being held until the 27th of May and is free of entry, allowing for anyone to visit the building and walk the halls filled of art. The art is created by students from 9 to 12 grades at Joseph A. Foran High School and Jonathan Law High School, the two public high schools here in Milford.  The art show is run by the art teachers at both Foran and Law.

“I’m glad to see all the art and the people at these show. I really like art!” said Amanda Shaw.

Being her first year being a part of the art show, teacher Mrs. Palmer said, “I like being able to participate in this and to see the investment of the students. I love seeing the the original, creative work of the students, as well as their individuality,”

Parsons also holds art shows for both elementary and middle schools as well but at different times of the year. For this particular art show each school provided around 150 pieces each at a total of around 300 pieces on display from tonight until the 1st of June. “It’s such a great experience to go and see art from the two schools. Everyone is so talented and seeing it all in one place is awesome!” said Emily Hartnett.

The event officially started last night, but the art will stay on display and available to the public at any time that parsons building is open. “The work never ceases to amaze me,” said teacher Ms. Hudson.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the art you may talk to one of the teachers and they can help you to get in contact with the artist.

Students show off talents
Students show off talents
Michael's work displayed
Michael’s work displayed